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Co-Extrusion PE Films

  • Our Co-extrusion PE films facility also known as Multi-layer blown film making machine are equipped with state of art European technology.
  • We Have deployed 100% automatic GBMC (Gravimetric Batch Mixing System) that allows us to mix all the different types of resins with high precision without human involvement.
  • Our ATCS (Auto Thickness Controlling System) ensures that all the roll produces for sealant layer are well uniformed and ensure good sealing strength with high precision gauge, not less neither more, it ensures exactly what it requires to produce the finest quality sealant layer.
  • We have deployed IBC (Internal Bubble Controller) to ensure 100% bubble free Sealant layer in both Opaque and Transparent films.
  • Our facilities allow us to cater a waited range of sealant layer starting from 10 micron and up-to 250 micron.